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Pat the Bunny

"$tiche$ Unplugged"

[Verse 1: Ceschi]
I'll spend this lifetime fighting something
Even if I have no idea what I want to prove
Keep wasting all your precious moments
Working hard to not work at all just for a fantasy
Even if every goal is impossible
And even if freedom's not feasible
I break these bones hoping to find it
There's no logic here
It is wild, it is grimy

Fight like hell
Whether in prison or with our dying breath
Don't snitch and don't tell
Fight like hell, fight like hell
Fight like hell

[Verse 2: Pat]
Be realistic, kill your delusions
Grow up or get married, buy life insurance
And without illusions there's no dreaming
Only sensory input and smug self-assurance
Like any of us could let go of the feeling
That common decency might lead us all straight into prison
Or to death
Like anybody else in the world has a better waste of breath
You better have my money when I come to collect

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