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Metro Boomin

"Quiet(Mask Off Remix)"

I'm back tho
And I'm on real vibes
But I'm mad tho
And I ran it again with a rap song
With a fat song
And it's mad long
But I slap and I clap, with the facts on
Please don't tell me I'm Max John
Cause I'll make sure you know your facts wrong
Cause I go
And I roll
And I show
And I know my sh*t strong
I feel
Only real
Thoughts in reality, they don't tell
What is happening to ourselves
But take a step back and you squeal
When you see the world
See the card that we were dealt
See the problem and you'll melt
But we can change it we can heal
And we tell

But we still do what we want
And we rewind it to far
But if we man to man then we par
So I start to spark the star
Oh lord

I was walking down
Washington Ave
And I was shocked about
All of these mans
And we talked it out
Gosh that's my fam
This real life, damn

There's nobody let down
When they hear my sound around
When I'm no longer underground
And my man you know I'm found

Cause I speak about things you don't get from no school
But it's cool
Cause that's the way the system is
But it's flawed and they assist em biz
Don't resist the Mrs

I can't stay quiet
I can't stay quiet
I can't stay quiet
Oh no no I can't stay quiet
We climbin higher, (yeah)
We climbin higher, (yeah)
We climbin higher
But I
Cannot stay quiet

I'm a creative intellectual
All my words effectual
And factual
Every word on beat they punctual
Look up every single word I just rhymed
And you'll find they all contextual
Bro I know when I flow it's eventually
Gonna snatch you up

Sometimes I wish I could go back to elementary school
When we could fool
And all was cool
But soon came the rules
Didn't know what to do
My teachers knew
I was a different dude
Now Imma do me
So screw you

We got a message
We got a lesson
So pay attention,(yeah)
Start confessing
Real things
Real thoughts
Them Robots
Yo Max let's show em
Let's go

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