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Metro Boomin

"Cypher freestyle 2019"

M.i M.i

Billing everywhere they try to suck me up
Suck my baby pus*y coz so juicy
b*tch everywhere gotta run my money up
I stay on my scam sh*t trying to suck someone

I ain’t playing with you cuz you ain’t so juicy
Tel my ex baby mama why she wear dirt
Red cloth red b*tches gotta stay away
b*tching money every where gotta stay away

n*gga talkin how I feel
Well I stay on my rap sh*t it is my little sh*t

See in this street there is no love
Al they want is for you to win give them and they come back for more
Everywhere n*gga balling they want get
Well I love my life I just gonna get it

n*gga tel2pzy my friend they lock his up for three years I ain’t go see him in no year
For that sh*t I got no one here I just wearing supreme sh*t

Freestyle everywhere they ain’t care how you do they ain’t care how you get it
Well live me alone I imma get it
Look imma get it why your Pusey so dirty
I don’t want to see you in my house get out


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