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Metro Boomin

"Wasted (Solo Demo)"

Yeah, yeah

Let's take it back
Right before the plaques, yeah, right before the plaques
Before the tats, right before the man
Before I had the map, used to brag
Used to find them packs them others tryna match
Over that, [?] order bags and I import 'em now
Now where we at?
Now we quarterback, go 'head and order that
Get four-four max, grease to pour that batch
I need like four to match, off a gat
Off 'em, over that, tired and over matts, off a max
Findin', oh, we at runnin' up the bags
Bags and them bills, bag biggy-billers
Feelin' zealous, zimin-iminag, in my ribbers
Max-sipper, bag-dipper, blog been-bipper, ram-ripper, yeah
Plenty nickels, I be in the in the Endo
I be internental divin' outta rentals, I be poppin' sh*t, uh
We be offa dope, up at dusk 'til dawn
n*ggas clockin', I be over watchin' in their prime
Mami on it, you might feel mistaken, you might, hell, we ate off the cake
I hyperventilate, you see my interstate, my real estate
Poppa never raised no punk, poppa never pus*y
Poppa never pimped that out that hoes, all me over gussy, goody
I know I ... sh*t, Remy on me, emy
Gone off Jameson, I'm gone off coke, that's that kinda sh*t, yeah

Nah, pop
I let my world in my mind
In the hills, my, hey
Mhm, mhm, ooh-ooh-ooh
With my world in my mind
Who am I?
Hey, will I make it out alive?
Uh, ahh, ahh, yeah
Uh, agh, agh, yeah

(Hold up)

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