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Metro Boomin

"Jumpman Freestyle"

My boy is comin' the town
Jumpman on the streests man
Jumpman on my feel man
Shoot out yo my man, man, fool man
Rappin' in this camp for years man
RedkeyGang man, allright man
Khontkar man huh, allright, yeah

Jumpman Jumpman
You don't know me where is comin' at you?
You just leave there take this serious bangin' at
I kill a pimp your mam is so very [?] way
Smokin' dope with us so your mama don't wanna see
Jumpman Jumpman winnin' gems just i usable
Badman Badman eatin' bought this life feast table
Dopeman Dopeman they call me Tony
But propose you know me
Your lane your lane that's manatee yeah man it's so fury
Everyday I'm (huh) rollin' down (woah)
They wanna alove me I'm best i know
Fascinate fascinate you can call me just Barry man
I'll shot ya ass so every timber from the anal in
Ballin' like fire man you make c*m my cane
Punchin' your face it is Shoryuken
So you want to hear me show you can
It is a beast fire tryna playin' we already
I know you watch your back comin' shot fire
My boy comin' to barrel you

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