Metro Boomin

"Murder Sh*t"

[Intro: King Roscoe]
Boomin! Hahaha
No, Nah
Shoutout to my n***a 21
Slaughter gang
Boaw, grrrt, yeah
Let's do this

[Chorus: King Roscoe & 21 Savage]
Walk in the mall, got ten on me, got that recipe
I ain't feelin', yo energy, that is on me
Pull up with a .20, we work the fens
All these diamonds they on me, yeah the on me
Murder Gang sh*t, Slaughter Gang sh*t
Murder Gang sh*t, Slaughter Gang sh*t

[Verse 1: King Roscoe]
Who are you to talk to me like I be new to town? Lose the frown
Turn it upside down
Give a f**k, Lie down? Never
Not ya dog, on an off
I stay hot, Lava in the sauna causin drama while the days clock stays tickin, game switchin up
Cooking up
In a benz truck
We don't give a f**k
I'm donald, you a duck
All my n***a trust
No, no, lust
I can't think, anymore
Big drip, fallin' on the floor
I can, change my f**king flow
These n***as, think they cool
But I, be in different women
I can't, never ever switch yeah
n***as, don't talk to n***a
Triggers, Triggers, Got big triggers
Nah n***a, we winners
I can't, drink swishers
Hooters, eat different booties
Different, cuties
Like me, I don't know (Know), If your in this
But, I don't give a f**k
Flow, Switched up
Yeah, flow switched up
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