Out The Door lyrics


I've been so low for so long
I don't even know how to love no more
Lately I've been asking where'd I go wrong
When did you decide to walk out the door
To this life there's so much more
sh*t you've never even seen
You don't gotta go now
All this press can't slow me down
Tired of the stress need another round
I'm quiet with a vest cause they want me out

I need no assist
Have the biggest arc just like Noah did
I can feel the vision spark like I've been out here molding with that hеat
I'm in the kitchen I'm cooking all night
Do it over thеn repeat
See how I'm whippin this year lookin bright
Mario we stay with pipes
Jumping over opps
If they think we playing nice gotta show em' who the boss
Why you always tryna fight?
You never wanna talk
Always think you're right
I'm the only one wrong

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