Dove Cameron

"Better in Stereo"

B-b-better in stereo (stereo, stereo)
B-b-better in stereo (stereo, stereo)

[Verse 1]
I'm up with the sunshine (let’s go)
I lace up my hi-tops (oh no)
Slam dunk, ready or not
Yeah, show me what you got
I'm under the spotlight (ah-right)
I tell you, "Come on, and follow"
You dance to your own beat
I'll sing the melody

When you say, "Yeah"
I’ll say, "No"
When you say, "Stop"
All I wanna do is go, go, go

You (you)
The other half of me (me)
The half I'll never be
The half that drives me crazy
You (you)
The better half of me (me)
The half I'll always need
But we both know we're better in stereo
(B-b-better in stereo)
Oh, oh
(B-b-better in stereo)
Oh, oh
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