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"Lemonade ZKittleZ"

[Verse 1: Mr Traumatik]
I am a D'n'B MC but it's complex, I'm not like the rest of 'em
I've made albums upon albums and no ones testing 'em
Made me very wealthy, that's the reason I invest in 'em
Found my way and now I'm proud to say my life is excellent
Jesus f*cking Christ, I'll swear down on a testament
I'm different and efficient and I'm up there with the best of 'em
I smoke seven grams of weed a day I'm feeling great
And yeah I'm feeling wavy now but I'm not talking a crowd of Mexicans
The human race are not pretty, they're just a bunch of savages
This world is f*cking sh*tty, and gritty, like gravel is
Who the f*ck is God, and where is he? I'm not a fan of his
We need to die to save this place, I'm hoping everyone vanishes
We're living in Hell, and you're wondering why I'm an anarchist
I'm a horticulturalist but I don't grow cabbages
I got them Cali packs they're imported I love my cannabis
And if you don't like me then I'll make you drink a can of p*ss

[Verse 2: Devilman]
I'm like a lyrical renegade
Blowing up like a hand grenade
I got the flavour, marinade
The haze, the cookie, the lemonade
Spread your girl like marmalade
Pull out your grandad's hearing aid
Then if you look unafraid, I'll put my knife in your shoulder blade
My bars are hard like a barricade
A hundred degrees centigrade
I got fans in Wellington and I got fans in Adelaide
I just wanna get hella' paid
I want the prize, that accolade
Been on this thing from back a day
Sit back and then wrap a J
My life is how it was meant to be
Physically and mentally
Nothing coincidentally, I'm one of the best potentially
I'm not a normal entity
I live my life relentlessly
I'm like royalty, so don't chat to me disrespectfully
My bars are crazy like LSD
Give you a rush like ecstasy
f*ck all the hate and jealousy
I don't want none of that sh*t next to me
I'm modified genetically something like biochemistry
It's all about peace and love
It's all about positive energy

[Verse 3: Mr Traumatik]
My fifth-dimensional flow is way too sick like polio
Don't be dumb, don't be stupid, don't be f*cking dopey bro
I don't live in England or France and I don't live in Tokyo
I live inside Wales, but I'm not talking Pinocchio
I've got that complex intellectual sh*t, no phoney flow
Don't copy me 'cause that's copyright you di*khead now you owe me dough
I am a horticulturalist, I'm smoking loads
I'm smoking weed all day and night that's why I've got a croaky throat
I'm weird, I'm crazy
I'm not normal, I'm proud to be different
'Cause being normal is awful
No, I don't wear suits or ties I'm always dressing informal
I don't care what nobody thinks, 'cause nobody's thoughtful
My flow is always way too deep, I'm not wearing a snorkel
I'm astrotravelling through the intergalactic portals
I'm a demi-god, f*ck being a king or corporal
The human body's temporary, we are immortal

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