You pick the cotton pick a price in which you can't forget
Instead we bleed the prize and seed the sign intelligence


You pick the cotton, pick the flower where your soul connects
Inside the power , lays a hive of light and high intent


Verse 1
Now In the sense of the word, spent every cent to absurd
Seen colossal in the change yet ego pick on the nerve
Dissecting fossils in my veins, but I began to dispersed
Began too fragile to earn, the ever last inside the ever glass too clever for thirst

Came from effort where better paths held cherish and worth
You better cherish your treasure blast see measures we yearn
Slap who the pleasure, the gold the pressure you tried to burn
See how they owe us the route that racks amounts in its turn

I found this sound by the ark
Where butterflies, in embryo hold a soul to the heart
And we could feel the sun kiss sunshine in the dark
With monsoons and moonshine pouring down to this art
Pouring down upon, the crown from mecca i had to part
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