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Lord of the Mics

"Lady Lykez Hype Session (Send for Sox)"

[Skit: Lady Lykez]
It's gotta be a guy though, you know
No, it has to be a guy, innit
Dun know

[Verse 1: Lady Lykez]
Jammer called me on the phone and
Said do I really want to battle an opponent
I was like "Better be a guy", yeah "Better be a guy"
Nobody can I wanna show them
He was like "Yeah, and I know them
And it ain't retro Kreps and Konan"
I was like "Who?" He was like "Sox"
I was like "What, that smelly little rodent?"
He will get SLEEEEEWWWW!
Sox, you're not that guy
I'll get a lift up to Brum at night
Knock your door then punch your mum in the eye
I really don't have no remorse sometimes
Tell this guy he will get floored one time
And if you could beat me in a clash
Pigs will rise up off the floor and fly

[Verse 2: Lady Lykez]
What's that? Sox, you look like dog crap
Like you ain't ever ran a hot tap
Begging every day to get money for a hot track
[?] go back on your WhatsApp
He be like "20 pound for a Jingle, 30 pound for a feature"
Nobody got [?]
You lick Jammer's arse so much
He ain't even gotta wash that
Na, na, I don't really want to come and par him again
Tell Sox, Jam, he's jarring again
Jammer's gonna take your side in the end
And the two of them come like Barbie and Ken
Bias! Par him again
Tell Sox, Jam, he's jarring again
I'll hang you by Jammer's dreadlock
Then make you suck d**k, that's gargling again

[Skit: Sox's voice]
The girls think that I'm mint like Polos
When they see me they want pics and photos

[Verse 3: Lady Lykez]
Nah Sox, you look sour
Everything about you, sour
You're the type to sweat for an hour
Then refuse to jump in the shower
Mmm mmm, that's sour
Like you taste like lemon and flour
You talk like you get gash by the hour
There's no way you'd ever have that power
Gonorrhea, HIV and Herpes
Syphilis, AIDS and everything dirty
If you done a ting with Sox from early
Go and check Nani, cause you got lurgies
Nah, you could never be an A* student
You never got one GCSE
You dropped out cause you are not worthy
You qualify in Hepatitis B

[Outro: Lady Lykez]
Genital warts and itchy ball bags
Seaside got nothing on your crabs
Chlamydia ain't got nothing on your dad

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