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Lord of the Mics

"Tre Mission v.s Jendor"

[Intro: Jammer]

Yeah, Lord of the Mics 3
Ya get me?
Been waiting for this one a little while, international business
Tre Mission, Jendor
Ya get me? OG'z

[Round 1]
[Tre Mission]
Uh, okay I'm going first, okay okay
Straight from Toronto y'all already know
Look, look
In too deep so I'm never gonna come back
And I'm in the lane where they never coulda' run track
When I'm on the track run up end up with a hunchback
You could get it any which way, Ong-Bak
Bully on the beat, n***a come and get your lunch back
Now I'm in the game and I did it off a one track
Hold up, money get fold up
Now I'm getting heavy and I did it off a one back
One back one that
Tell a n***a don't think
I don't really get sleep, don't blink
Never get rusty, tell em bout clothes off
Ima' have every b*t*h dripping like an old sink
Lemme just push through, smelling like kush too
Contact tell a n***a don't think
f**k what the hoe think
n***a's can't emulate
Mission man came in the game
And I won't blink

This links to everything
Worst nightmare I bring the hype here
Not on my level you're not near
I'm hot here and hot there
Leave everywhere screaming
Everybody knows
I will duppy any MC and anybody knows
Who's Tre Mission? Nobody knows
I murk him and leave him with nobody knows
I've got the iller content I've got the iller flows
Line for line, Jen's flawless
I'll leave him jaw-less
When it rains I pour this
I won't lose or draw this
Your best can't test my poorest
You should've ignored this
I will leave you with one chorus
Tre's a victim
He got setup in the clash Jam tricked him
n***a set a little trap and then he slipped in
Ever go again yeah I'm gonna lift him

[Tre Mission]
Yo, you see it already
Jendor I'm the winner let me be it already
You only got one girl and I beat it already
You know my n***as hold heat and they beat it already
Now I'm done with the b*t*h you can eat it already
I'm at home with the blunt and I'm beating the henny
I know we coming with the same flow since 05'
The Canadian jokes I can see it already
So you can go ahead
When it comes to the bars I'm so ahead
I give him one 16 and blow ahead
And send him straight to his doctors
Ask that n***a if he ever in his life had to sew a head
Cos' when it comes to the levels I'm overhead
And when it comes to your flow it's over dead
I'll hold on to the mic like a brand new pumpy
c*ck-back aim and blow a head

Spin on spins two more
Soundboys get spin
For I assassinate MC's just like him
Yeah 2, 3, 4 more get bun like big zoots
How many more? Yo
I'm gonna spin you sitting on the riddim like a gargoyle
I spit fire and hot him up make his heart boil
He's not fire he's not live, I'm a livewire
He's got no vibe, Jen get's the vibe higher
Listen up again, we're OG'z make everybody know again
I'm killing MC's I don't care were they're from again
Ain't on the long again
Running on the riddim like a goblin
You're just posing, this ain't modelling
I hit em' in the face make man start wobbling
Bare man jump outta' nowhere robbing home
Can't give em anything

[Tre Mission]
You be like "ARGH, HELP!"
I be like "Park up, pu**y"
You don't want beef
Don't start up pu**y
Spray the whole whip
When you park up pu**y
You be like "ARGH, HELP!"
I be like "Park up, pu**y"
You don't want beef
Don't start up pu**y
Spray the whole whip when I... look
Don't think, let's get it popping
Big gun next to the option goon
Big one next to the exit zoom
Okay, let's get it locked in
True say, I already know how you stay
You might know them but who's Tre?
I move to mucky you...
I make you a duppy it's too late

I don't see no shidey tits and blow
It's more like [?]
Them youts' that you jamming with look broke
Tell em' come to my ends if you wanna roll cah'
I make one of them "Park up pu**y"
Put em' in the corner "Park up pu**y"
[?] what you feel like
I make your headtop lean don't push me
Cah' I done an MC that's attack sh*t Tre
Everybody knows that I smacked it Tre
Three straights in a row that's a hatrick Tre
And you already know that I smacked it Tre
And nah n***a you're not Trilla
Against me you're not iller
And my whole team got my back
Like a motherf**kin' chinchilla
And I got your chick on my d**k like a [?]

[Round 2]
Shotter over there it ain't you
Who's the illest in the room out here, it ain't you
You're a paper soldier I'm gonna tear you
Nobody fears you
Nobody cares too
And, shotter over here yeah that's me
Who's the illest in the room out here, yeah that's me
I'm not a paper soldier you can't tear me
Everybody fears me
I'm a rare OG
When I'm ready you're rocksteady
I'm hot headed and cold-blooded
And I'm more raw and I'm more rugged
I won't have it I have him [?]
He can't hack it he can't match it
He's got tools but he can't back it can't manage
I inflict damage, like a sick savage
And I eat Tre Mission like a quick salad
I'm a bit mad, why?
I write my bars in a room with a big [?]

[Tre Mission]
I wanna talk about the brand new song I did
Yup, it's sicker than most of the sh*t on the TV
So I put that on a brand new CD I did
10 joints from the same time
When I came home from the tour with will that I did
Shut it down, I did
Open up eyelids
No-one expected the flows that I did
Young black n***a
Too much goons in the back n***a
When I'm on point I'm a hybrid
Rolling up hybrids
Tweet for the kush link
Lower my eyelids
Blood in my head
Over my iris
Green where I live
No I'm not Irish
Blow em' up I did
Everything I spit came from the heart
Even though I was showing off saying what I did

I heard you like drinking loads
Girl punani you're drinking
I don't really care what you're saying in a

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