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Lord of the Mics

"P Money vs. Big H (Hype Session)"

[Intro: Big H]
Yeah yeah
H inside
Yeah yeah

[Verse 1: Big H]
Lord of the Mics, that's not funny
Real OG, I don't care about money
Sharpened the knife, so I didn't worry
Two big machine guns, any time I duppy
When I'm in country, we don't cash checks
They were like "H, who you gonna clash next?"
Smash man's head off the side of the decks
Can't talk to me cah my name ain't Ghetts
Tell me where you come from, tell me what's your name?
Strap to your face? Tell me what you're saying
Look don't be stupid, take off the chain
Fall like raindrop, fly like plane
Out to my comrades that are at war
Can't forget them on the Afghan tour
What did he say? Say once more?
Come against H? Tell me are you sure

[Verse 2: P Money]
He ain't even a prick, he's a fanny
Man try say I linked a young tings
The same prick that got himself nicked for trying to strangle a yatty
First you were gonna turn up, then I slewed you online
Then I swear you got nicked
And we all saw your whip! Blud it was mad!
I wanna phone Jammer like "Blud, I ain't clashing"
I'm going mad with a strally or the swammy
Catch him in Brum, catch him in Manny
Catch him in Leeds if the whip breaks down
I'm catching the train, I'm catching a cabby
I'm Caribbean, he's made of pastry
I'm already used to going mad on a patty
Acting like he's all over telly, so I told man "stop f**king girls with a plasma as a batty"

[Verse 3: Big H]
Tell me are you cool, tell me are you ok?
Kidnap Blacks, like P's gonna pay
Got him on the phone like "What do you wanna say?"
Tell me are you cool, tell me are you o-
Tell me are you cool, tell me are you alright?
Punch up P, cah he's on a hype
AK rifle, ready for a fight
Tell me are you cool, tell me are you alright
Can't be a king, if you ain't ruled
Man ain't no clown, can't get fooled
H on mic, now you're getting schooled
Yo, listen out when your name gets called
Tell me are you stupid, tell me are you dumb?
Tell me what you did? Tell me what you done?
Stand over there, watch me go number one
Just like Scratchy, man will get bunned

[Verse 4: P Money]
You should have sent Ghetts mate
I ain't gonna lie, today's your stress day
You're gonna get mad, I'm gonna laugh, you're gonna swing, and I'm gonna move your chest plate
I skip ropes when it comes to the cardio
You skip arms, abs and chest day
Lying to your trainers, bare excuses
Look, a black man rolling with eses, get it
A black man rolling with eses
You definitely skipped leg day
This ain't a chess game, you can't check mates
It's a check game, you should've checked mate
Your manager admitted I was slewing you all over Twitter, I saw the texts mate
Pull up in a 4 door, soon or rest day
Pikachu, when I pork man like rest day

[Verse 5: Big H]
Heard you're gonna clash P Money
And you're getting paid, damn, that's free money
Remember them days when I couldn't see money
Now look, them man are giving me money
I could make more money
Go to the clash and just take your money
Smash man's face like H is gully
Zing Zing Zoom like man's in a hurry
What blud who are you?
Ring my phone and can't get through
AK rifle, kill a whole crew
Real bad man, I don't do Kung Fu
Are you learning Money?
I was earning money
German Whip, burning money
Don't talk it ain't concerning money

[Verse 6: P Money]
Forget it
This guy is so dumb and pathetic
Ask him his name and he'd probably guess it
Man has got me clashing the black Joey Essex
Best in the room? Pabs -
What the f**k did you tell him?
Where is Ghetts? Somebody go and get him
'Cause this guy won't win this clash if I let him
All this talk about H is hench - H? Hench?
Don't know if he knows, well I'm gonna tell him
Somebody lied, and somebody's breading
You ain't been lifting, you man a been shredding
Don't know what kind of protein you're getting
Bare on-go's, where the hell is he heading?
Lord of the Mics 6, watch man dead him

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