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No. 1


Cut him off cut her off cut 'em off
Let him go let her go let 'em go
Let 'em let go
Let him know let her know let 'em know
f*ck him up f*ck her up f*ck 'em up
f*ck 'em f*ck no
Love him love her love 'em love me
Know me help me come and show me
What's happening
Why they on me
What's happening
Am I the only one here?
So many faces with the face straight
Five past eight it's too late
Who's scared ?
Not me
Where's fear?
On me
Pain codeine
Pills co-win
Mixed feels lonely, f*ck it zone me
I want her I want it I want her I want it
f*cking up slowly
f*ck it zone me, two cups one me
f*ck it zone me
f*ck it she a trophy
f*ck it zone me
Friends only
f*ck it it zone me

So much hate want no heat
Switch it up play the beat
Switch it up play repeat
Beat 'em up on the street
So much smoke sh*ts like need for speed
Swipe 'em of off their feet
Got a ring cuz I am married to the game
I want billboards and headlines with my name
We all wish for the fame
Wish I could make a song with la flame
I am not high, high is where I aim

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