How Auto-Tune Works

The Gregory Brothers

[The Gregory Brothers]
Human voices don't sing pure tones
They're stacked with many frequencies
These natural resonating overtones
Sound like a single pitch to human ears

I spent hours trying to understand
How pitch correction actually works
But my degree's in linguistics
And I wasn't prepared
For equations that were this berserk
The secret is math called a Fourier transform
It takes the frequencies that were intertwined
Splits thеm up, identifies them, isolatеs them
Then software can change them live, in real time

[The Gregory Brothers]
The newest software can change different notes inside a chord
You can tune pianos, guitars or choirs

To me, it's so advanced, it might as well be magic
But it can't write a song
Some talent's still required, oh yeah
Some talent's still require~d

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