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Bill Anderson

"I'll Bring More Flowers"

We used to talk together remember
And we used to do things crazy things I guess
Like just walking around lookin' in windows
When we knew we couldn't buy anything
Not with the baby comin' at all

And sometimes when it rained you'd sit beside me
And we'd race raindrops down the window pane
You'd bring me coffee
And we'd work crossword puzzles together
We don't do anything together now

And late at night remember we used to sit outside
And we'd watch the clouds scurryin' across the moon
And the fishing trips, you never did like fishing
But you did anyaway, I loved you for it
And dreams, all I must've had, a million of 'em

Big dreams and plans and
You used to look at me and you'd say
You'll make it, I know you will
And I believed it 'cause you believed it
You had faith in me and you always
Gave me the strength that I needed

But now it's over, I used to look at your hair
I used to hold you and kiss you, I used to
It was a stupid reason for an argument
We'd have a million of 'em before
But this time you just ran out

And when the phone rang and they told me
Oh, I'd've given anything if it'd be me instead
I'll be back tomorrow honey, I'll bring more flowers
You always did like flowers

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