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Yeah.... right....
I am not
Not a killer
Killer of me
Killer of not
I dotted a line
Down below and call
It a plots

Verse 1:
Sutto personality
I'm disorganized like my
Parents am lanky in appearance
But I can bench 120lbs all bymyself
Too late for bs put that on the shelf
Like the books I read from the time
I was ten to fifteen
This girl I knew
Who didn't
Enjoy me found me annoying
To me it went as fast as a blur
Give the food in the pot
Another stir
Blur around you
Making sure you don't see
What a bear is about to
Do to you
I would say I would
Disembowel wilson
Make killson whoop his ass
You can't f*ck with me I
Break glass with my teeth
And it don't even cut me
Now I stop the violence
So we can get on to greet

Verse 2:
Uh yeah Mr. Scythe
Uh yeah Dr. Vilson
No their not real
How you see black
Shadows at night
How come I used to dream
About a fight
I drew zombies
Since I was in grade 1
I drew killing vampires
Skeletons and people
Since day 1
I made a comic at the age
Of 11 where I made a
Character up
Who hung upside
A character
Who laughed like a
Named bloodface
Chainsaw in hand
With daggers too
Made sure everyone he killed
He blew through
Made sick jokes with him
Like catching
People off guard
Thinking of woman
While I'm hard
Skinning them alive
I am ed gein
I have ed to gain
Continue having sleep
Hallucinations waking up
To see blood on the floor
And its coming from the bathroom
Both son and wife
Taken of their life
A bear did this
Not me though
How could I bare
To do this no
I've grown up quick
f*ck man
I haven't even
Worked a
10 hour shift

Verse 3:
Of provisionments
Under stress
Continue pressing down
f*cking my enchantress
I got what I want
But forever I will see
The negativity
As I find it receptive
Like a phone call out on a peer
As I hear it too be
Crystal and clear that
Life is disgraceful
Of itself
God hates himself
I hate myself
So there must be a good
To kill oneself
Slice with a
Bear claw
Eat my own
Like pastry
Love strudel
And love eating
Thinking about
Eating a poodle
Maybe the park
Ranger before
f*cking her
Seeing other police
Damn it my badge
I forgot to take it off
f*ck em all
Than tackle both
Officers too the
Ground slice em up
Pour their blood
Up in a cup
I am Vlad the imaplor
With these words

Verse 4:
Hail and rain
Drain my
Victims brains
In the dirt to
The soil
My teeth are yellow
And my mood
Has finally
Hoping not
To get angry
Because I'm bored
With myself
And mundane
Only one person
Can think this
I hear the train
Crossing the tracks
Remembered I killed
Eminem back there
Leaving fans
Too aww in despair
Only Vince
Staples can
Handle my no name
I am making this
sh*t stables
Like horses
Mmm horse meat
Hi I'm blackberry
Nice too meet you

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