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"The lark and the bird catcher"

Be glad with what you
Have x 6

Verse 1:
Turning and burning
In the widening fire
The lark cannot hear
A catcher;
Things fall apart
The center cannot
The lark caused mere
Anarchy paused fear
Watching trees bark bounce
Off each leave, lark pounce
A dog bark a smug
Scoff by the owner
Of a house an entire
City burning while
Breach a peach skinned
Man looks
Forward scoured a coward
Turns with a broken net
The best lack all conviction
While the worst are full
Of passion, intense
Some revelation at hand

Verse 2:
Slow walks talks
All about it
Reel shadows of
Indignant dark birds
Linguistics and pragmatics
Made darkness
Drop again
I know that centuries
Of stony sleep were
Vexed to nightmares
Cradled too rocky
Keep that sphinxs hour
Thinks to come
Around at last
Towards bethleham
To be born again a
Destructive deconstructive
Beast is our jesus
Thorns on head
The man and his dog
Brutally martying the
Catchers individuality
The sphinx speaks the
Dog implodes in the
Sphinxs maws
The man drops his
Jaw down to the ground
Both of his baws
Found between his legs
The sphinx stops chewing
She stares and spares
The man as he self loathes

Be glad or the heavens
And hells will bring a
Dryspout upon us x4

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