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Rodney Crowell

"It Ain’t Over"

[Verse 1: Rodney Crowell]
It's like I'm sitting at a bus stop
Waiting for a train
Exactly how I got here is hard to explain
My heart's in the right place
What's left of it, I guess
My heart ain't the problem
It's my mind that's a total mess

With these rickety old legs
And these watery eyes
It's hard to believe
That I could pass for anybody's prize
And here's what I know
About the gifts that God gave
Ah you can't take 'em with you
When you go to the grave

[Chorus: John Paul White]
It ain't over yet
As someone who oughtta know
Not so very long ago
We were both hung out to dry

It ain't over yet
You can mark my word
I don't care what you think you heard
We're still learning to fly
It ain't over yet

[Verse 2: Crowell]
For fools like me
Who were built for the chase
It takes a right kind of woman
To help you put it all in place
It only happened once in my life
But man, you should have seen
Her hair two shades of foxtail red
Her eyes some far-out sea blue green

I got caught up making a name for myself
You know what that's about
One day your ship comes rolling in
The next day it rolls right back out
And you can't take for granted none of this sh*t
The higher up you fly, boys
The harder it is you're gonna get hit

[Chorus: White]
It ain't over yet
I'll say this about that
You can get up off the mat
Or you can let up 'til you die

It ain't over yet
Here's the truth, my friend
You can't pack it in
And we both know why
It ain't over yet

[Bridge: Roseanne Cash, Cash and Crowell]
Silly boys blind to get their first
Think of second chances as some kind of curse
I've known you forever and ever it's true
If you came by it easy you wouldn't be you

You make me laugh
You make me cry

You make me forget myself

[Verse 3: Crowell]
Back when down on my luck
You kept me up for days
You were there with the right words
To help me crawl out of the maze
And when I'd almost convinced myself
I was hipper than thou
You stepped up with a warning shot
Fired sweet and low across the bow

No you don't walk on water
And your sarcasm stings
But the way you move through this old world
Sure makes a case for angel wings
I was half way to the bottom
When you threw me that line
And I'll quote you now, verbatim
Get your head out of your own behind

[Chorus: All, Crowell, Cash]
It ain't over yet
What you wanna bet
One more cigarette
Ain't gonna send you to the grave

It ain't over yet
I seen your new girlfriend
Thinks you're the living end
Great big sparkle in her eye
It ain't over yet

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