The Work Song lyrics


[Verse 1]
My father came from a Highland home
And I was raised in a Lowland town
He fought his life for a heartless soil
I watched the burning wheels go round

[Verse 2]
I tried to break out, I grew my hair
I kicked the ball and I made the grade
The more I kicked the more I wept
This is a hopeless, heartless cage

A man must work his hands
A man must bare his brow
A man must hold his head high
As he walks on through this world

[Verse 3]
We spoke in silence, we cursed in vain
Then I shook the old man's hand
If he could see me now, he'd be ashamed
Is this the son that became a man

[Verse 4]
He knew his place and he knew his pride
They've made a freeman of this slave
No, there was never beauty here, but there was life
What now for a freeman in his grave

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