Mike Epps
Interlude #3: Toilet Bowl Shawty
[Interlude: Mike Epps & Gucci Mane]
Yeah yeah man I'ma, ay!
Man I'm fin' to get up out that motherf**ker
Them folk gonna let me go Mane!
Ay man that's cool, that's cool man
Let me get them, get them
Ay can I get them snacks man?
I'm working more than any motherf**ker in here man
Y'knahmtalking bout man, way to get back on the turf man
I feel you, yeah I feel you I feel you
You deserve it Mane
Ay n***a, y'all n***a all out here in the motherf**ker
Ay man that's cool ay man wait, can I get them shoes too?
Let me get the shoes, let me get the
Oh yeah, I'm gon' do what I'm gon do but
God damn whoop that {?} a** money, really
I know that's right, I know that's right
Send me something back n***a, sheeit!
Send me something back up in this
Put something on my books man, sh*t!
Oh yeah yeah, n***a handle that sh*t
Let me, c'mon, let me get them honeybuns
Watch out N***A, get up watch out n***a
I got the honeybuns and the chips
This my n***a right here Gucci Mane
Guc' baby Guc'!
I ain't tripping, I ain't tripping, no
No, go ahead, pig out
Let me get the sh*t
Man I appreciate you baby, sh*t
Aw man it's all good y'know
Aw dude ain't nothing I keep it real y'know
Yeah keep it real out there man y'knahmean?
You out there getting that money y'knahmean?
Pa**ing them motherf**kers
It's my time and they ain't know a thing about
Yeah and you shining like a motherf**king
[toilet flushing] diamond ring right now player
'Preciate you [voice fades out]