Mike Epps
Interlude #2: Toilet Bowl Shawty
[Interlude: Mike Epps & Unknown Woman]
{Phone rings twice}
Hey boo, wha**up?
Wha**up, wha**up
Hey y'know I'ma I gonna ask you question
Don't don't f**king lie, don't f**king lie
What? You know I don't lie to you
You f**king Gucci Mane?
Hell motherf**king no!!
You f**king Gucci Mane b*t*h, you're a f**king liar!
Oh my God, who done told you that?
You are f**kin that n***a
Motherf**kers told me you was at Greenbriar Mall
With that n***a earlier today, your a** f**king him
I'm not f**king Gucci Mane, what the f**k?
Let me tell you something b*t*h
You better stop f**king that n***a Gucci Mane
That's my buddy I was locked up with the n***a
I was not
He got a rash on his f**king foot b*t*h
N***a, you got a rash on YO' foot!!
You want that rash that n***a got on his foot?
Please n***a
Now how the f**k you gon' call this n***a Gucci Mane?
This n***a wear Prada every day
Oh hell naw
Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane
You ain't gon' call me stressing me out of my head
Louis Vuitton gon' go kill that n***a man!
Oh my God
This n***a ain't no motherf**king Gucci
I mean yeah, I got his CD, but I'm saying
You f**ks Gucci Mane, huh? You f**king Gucci Mane?
Y'all probably 68, you dusty b*t*h
Whatever n***a!
You raggedy mouf, uhh, chihuahua mouth b*t*h
Alright I am, that's right I'm f**kin him
And what?
I'ma f**k... you f**king Gucci Mane b*t*h!
What? N***a, what?
F**K GUCCI! I got more than Gucci
So what? That's right you can't
I'm gonna f**king
That's why I'm f**king him
F**K YOU!!!
Mm-hmm, you too, f**k you too
{Phone hangs up}
{Toilet flushing}
Gucci eating coochie
He ate one of these C.O. b*t*hes out
Between the bars
B*t*h just stuck her a** between the bars
The n***a stuck his whole head in between the b*t*h's a**
{Water dripping}