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Tsar Leo

"Or Nah"

(Intro: Uniq Mic & Tsar Leo)
You know what it is
You know what is my n*ggas, remix
Uniq Mic!!!!
Tsar Leo!!!
I see you
My n*gga just get it right here..

(Verse 1: Tsar Leo)
Girl all this feelings can you prolly keep em?
Competition is competition"
But that jealous is that typa feeling that brings in complication
I'm always home flexing"
I always c*m like she called me"
Men all of the girls that i flex"?
All of the girls that I know moved to college
Thats y im working so hard" working so hard got me going Psychotic
The minute u n*ggas collapse
Thats the minute all you n*ggas are copses
Are we breaking up? Are we making up, are we passing hate or nah?
Are u comfortable, are u comfortable coz we f*cking right all night?
I pay attention to your self esteem
Now your self esteem is never broke at least
You and I we all good
I swear to god we optimistic
I'm over using my ego"
I prolly do it for my people
Started under like Metro
You already know this is Leo

(Chorus: Tsar Leo)
I drop a couple of drinks in the club
Yeah I bet you know it
Ama drop a couple of lines for you gal
Yeah, I bet you know it
Do you want this drink, do you want this di*k or nah?
You know
Do you want this drink, do you want this di*k or nah?
I bet you know
Do you want this life, do you want to stay or nah?
Oh yeah you do
Im trying to tell you you the best
Im trying to make you feel right
Are we f*cking till we die?
Are we breaking up?
Oh yeah
Are we breaking up?
Oh yeah
Are we breaking u?

‪(Verse 2 : ‎Uniq Mic)‬:
Does he do it good or nah?
She said "he make me feel like Halley's comet
I only come once in a while
Dats why your number I always dial"
I gave her a smile
Lights please, camera, action
Gave her satisfaction, in a fraction
Of a minute, this ain't know fiction
Anyway, done with that mission
Am moving around in the streets and am askin'
"I'm I the man or nah, I'm I the king or nah?"
I got class, these others are dropouts
Asking for shout outs
How can they be outstandin'
When I got em locked in?
I got the keys to the game, I own the complex buildin'
n*ggas wanna bang my chick
But they ain't even got a chance with my side chick
I ain't got time for pricks
I embarass cliques
Make a n*gga go Pop (pope) like he catholic
So you buying or nah, but its buy or bye
Make sure u won't come again, ride or die
U ain't never gon' come again
Leave you headless like the legendary horseman

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