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"Immigrant Son (Interlude)"


[Verse 1}
Do you know how it feels to be born in America?
Still feel like a second-class citizen
I remember September 11th hit
Now my citizenship is irrelevant
Looking at me like a terror-or-ist
Mama don't wear your scarf I'm embarr-rr-assed
And I can't even blink
Can't even p*ss without feeling like someone is holding my di*k
Turn back around and p*ss on you b*tches
Making me fear and hate my religion
Culture, my race, my family pride
It's all been erased, all been deprived
Now look at my face, look at my eyes
And what do you see? Immigrant in disguise
Immigrant in the minds of white Europeans Americanized
And then I realized, we came to America dollar and dream
Malcolm X told me to get it, I told him I got it I'll do this sh*t by any means
Mama wear that hijab, I promise you mine is the finest of queens
Daddy, can't thank you enough opportunity living right here the American Dream

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