Jeff Rosenstock


It’s the morning you woke to a letter
Where the return address reads “Department of Finance”
The night you had corn chips for dinner
It’s the weekend you canceled plans

It’s a hundred degrees in the summer
And that guy from your work with the pool pass moved away
So we’re taking extra long showers
We’re not leaving the house today

It has been a terrible year
It has been a terrible year

But it’s not gonna stop moving forward
Even if it feels like nothing’s ever gonna change
The sun’s gonna rise in the morning
And you have to live anyway

And I’m sorry I sunk into silence
At the moment you needed someone to ease the pain
But I want you to know that I miss you
I just didn’t know what to say
I just didn’t know what to say
But I shouldn’t pretend
I can be a good friend
If I don’t do it the right way
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