Request Line (Remix)

I'm on the request line for my baby, baby
I'm on the request line, hey baby boo!
I'm on the request line for my baby, baby
What can I play for you?

[Queen Latifah:]
The night fell
The moon up
I'm ready to sweat this whole room up
Selector set the tune up
So I can boom up my radio
With something for my baby, yo
Streets calling? Maybe so
But he love his lady mo'
And since I know it's me my man come to
Can you play "Who Can I Run To?"
And then "I Want You"
Now he'll be at the door in a few
Candles is lit, so let me get that favor from you

[Verse 1: Renee]
Baby you're so fly when I step in the room
And ooh, you got me burnin'
Burnin' for you, boy
It's been a long time
I've been calling for you
And ooh, won't you play my favorite song


[Verse 2: Jean]
I know it's been a while
Since I've seen your smile
There's not another DJ who can play for me
And when I look in your eyes
I see the sun rise
And the music it goes on and on

On and on, on and on
Won't you play for me, baby, Mr. DJ?
On and on, on and on
Come on play it for me, baby!

[Queen Latifah:]
Yeah, we hit the club for the music
I'm just about the cue this
I'm ready to leave these brothers wondering "who this"?
And the DJ killin' it
Tonight everybody trying to see who they chilling with
The night when I spot my type
And my shorties know who I'm on
It's the cutie over there
Smelling like Boucheron
Caught a stare
Time to put it into gear
Take him on the dancefloor
And wear his a** out
'Til he begging for air
Come on