[Sevon On Radio]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Huh, Zhane
And Sevon Miles for the remix, uh
Ladies, hit the hook for me

[Hook: Zhane]
I'm on the request line
For baby, ooh, baby
I'm on the request line
Hey, baby boo
I'm on the request line
For baby, ooh, baby
Can I play for you?

[Verse 1: Sevon Miles]
Yo, still remember Mary J. on the radio
When my boy Joe was gettin' smooth on the radio
I wanna be down with my girl Brandy
Ginuwine for your mind, taste like candy
2Pac on the tunes (live it up)
Biggie's on the tunes, so let's (slow it up)
Uh, now let's get on with the show, you know
I got my girls Zhane finna show you some love, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 2: Zhane]
Baby, you so fly
When I step in the room
And, ooh, you got me burnin'
Burnin' for you, boy
It's been a long time
I've been callin' for you
And, ooh, won't you play my favorite song


[Verse 3]
Uh, Supa Dupa Fly messin' with Misdemeanor
Back when female MCs was a lot meaner
8-track tapes and CDs was the business
When Usher broke it down and Keith gave them the business
SWV, Jagged Edge and Total
Xscape, 702, K-Ci and Jojo
And the list goes on and on
We goin' keep jammin' 'til the break of dawn
On and on, on and on, now come on
On and on, on and on
Won't you play it for me, babe, Mr. DJ
On and on, on and on

[Verse 4: Sevon Miles]
Ladies, ladies, ladies
I got you
Let's wrap up with TLC and Whitney Houston
When ya play some 112, you get to groovin'
Sensual sounds from Maxwell and R. Kelly
Go deep into your heart like Faith and Kelly
Bob ya head with Lil Kim and Puff Daddy
Bussa Bus, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson's where ya had me
Toni Braxton, Monica, Mariah Carey
Nas, Aaliyah, Heavy D and LL's necessary

[Hook Til Fade]

[Sevon On Radio]
Now, now, now, now
This is Reminisce Radio
Got my girls Zhane on a song, haha
You already know
This is the station where we bring back the 90s, baby
This is how we like to do it
Get down and get dirty
Ha, we'll tune in next time, y'all
Holla at ya boy