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"One More Time"

Verse 1
This feels like good head in a crowded room
Sonic boom, sonic youth
Found a groove I can party to
Lay out some syllables on the barbeque
Char a few layers, disbar soothsayers
With true flavor, best game on Sega
Stress stay, lets pray to Alpha omega
Alfalfa hair bruh, straight up
Ain't a beat on my harddrive
That I ain't ate up
Made a table, served filet
Stay around to tip the waiter
If you ain't brought the nourishment
Thats aight, i cater

First Hook:
Ohhhhh yeaahhh, just say it one more time, hmmmmm
Awwww ....I'm lost in time, so say it one more time
Let me know
Its just the way you've been talking
Say the word, say it
But say it one more time
Make your move, but don't go

Verse 2
Ayo, i'm stuck a f*ckin' gum-shoe
Bust it, 1-2
Nothing turned into something
Til theres nothing to prove
I've had enough of the snooze
Scuffin' my shoes
Puffin on Wu’s
Stuck in the blues
Mumblin' truths, uh
Mishka ashtray
Blood on my tooth
Suck her juice out
And then spit it in boothes
I put it in they head like John Wilkes Boothe
I put it in her head because sucking me’s cool
Its all up in my rhymes
And i'm living it too
Ain't giving you bullsh*t, ’sall sh*t that i do
Blame it on the cross like Skip To My Lou
Or blame it on the sauce that i'm sipping on too

I wanna say it one time
If I could take a picture with you, yeahhh
I hope so...but say it one more time

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