Cruisin', Low alt**ude my destination
As the beat crawls I'm bumpin' Biggie Smalls
Loungin' gettin' high off the sticky
I'm reminiscing on last night's quickie
I feel the urge to bust a rhyme so i do it
I say a few raps then my boys jump into it
Now the vibe is felt throughout the car
The smoke blinds us indo so i crack the window
As the smoke gets clear from being hectic
Just in time for me to get off the f**kin' exit
I get off make a right go down 6 flights then in sight its the hype
Now I'm creeping turned off my lights, drivin through the parking lot looking for a spot
Hey, in front there's the valet
Yo he's cool y'all n***as stash the tools
I grabbed the ticket put it in my pocket
People recognize me now I'm getting props kid
From the side Def Squad's representing
Something wasn't right the vibe wasn't clicking
I told my crew wa**up wa**up yo lets be ghost, alright
Man f**k this night tonight
As I walked out this girl ran up on me with a fat a**
And a pair of old Jordans
She said she met me last year at Howard's homecoming
Act like i knew but I was only fronting

My situation just a situation its a f**king situation
My situation just a situation its a f**king situation

{Verse 2}

Not caring, I said lets go outside right now
I can't hear you because the music's blaring
I stepped out, slipped the valet the ticket
Then stepped to the G I was talking to and kicked it
Saying this and that blazzie blah
Before this high take me under lemme get your phone number
On the way to the car
I heard somebody screamin out "Yo b*t*h where you are?"
Out came this mean, upset type n***a
And behind his black a** someone bigga
He calls out the girl I'm with name y'all I was f**ked
She turns around and said "what?"
Sh*t's thick he comes over with the grill
Ready to stomp the b*t*h, but i say chill
He fronts like he wants it no doubt
Right about this time the whole club's letting out
Now he gets louder, makes a scene, saying "what u want n***a"
I'm thinking about my Glock trigga
That's under my seat I can't reach
I'm a**ed out now I gotta take it to the streets
He yells out some type of codename, they all gather around
We're in a get down
Still in my face making crazy noise
Hype as hell, and so is one of his f**kin homeboys
"F**k Mally, f**k that n***a he ain't sh*t!"
A voice from the Def Squad represents the click
Now somebody from his crew and my crew making ruckus
Two rowdy muthaf**kas
Darkness covers the whole atmosphere
Saying to myself "I knew i shouldn't have came here"
Shots rang out, bang bang out, slang slang out
Damn so I pulled my thang out
Pow! I see blood hit my coat
I didn't feel hit so I didn't choke
The girl dropped she got shot
Two to the headpiece B, and she died instantly
Over nothing, 'cause her man was fronting
Acting like he wanted something, didn't want nothing
Now I see things clear
Saying to myself "Damn, I knew I shouldn't have came here"
{Chorus 4x}
And I'm out