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Famous Dex

"Asthma Attack"

Famous dex: hook

Hop in the truck go wow
Hop in the truck freestyle
Look at me now
I was so broke but my pockets like wow
So big
I got three kids
Baby t baby j baby dex ooh
They getting big (naw for real)

Rich the kid:

All of my kids straight
Got rich off of mixtapes
My money like six-eight
My chain a brand new wraith
My b*tch she bad today
Can't f*ck with these n*ggas they fake
Its kobe its ice in my veins
I had to much in my bank
Yo dexter, run up we putting that boy on a strecher
Yo dexter, that pus*y was good i bought her a lexis
Marshall went and got them pints from texas
Break a brick down and can i strech it
World is mine i done already said it
b*tch want a bag but she cannot get it

Jay critch:

b*tch want a bag but i tell her forget it
Left wrist on baguttei spaghetti
Carti frames so i see where im headed
She let me swipe like debit or credit
Hop out the lambo truck
Brand new amiri stuff
And im popping the tags
Stay with that cheese on us
If she ain't eating up
Then im dubbin it fast
Try to compete with us
Little n*gga you dont make no deposits
Ran it up when i ran out of options
Runnin down like "whats in ya wallet"
Came a long way hiting stains in the balmains
Im with dex making plays like the ball game
I dont gotta flex diamonds hitting from long range
Baby ask me 'whats up with the car game"

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