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Ron Browz


[Verse 1: Black Nova]
I talk that beef and n*ggas turn into that Danny Phantom
I speak that sh*t that make you wanna go and call a reverend
I'm on a rant, I murk em all even bystanders
I love pus*y but I don't keep a ho, I ain't Santa
I don't roast the beef n*gga, I fry it
Genocide my mixtape, I wrote it then cosigned it
n*gga I'm your ruler and I ain't talking feet
This the warning shot, so a n*gga coming weak
Tired of n*ggas saying what i can't
f*ck coming weak, I'm hard in the paint

[Verse 2]
I ain't Jesus Christ but they got a cross for me
I promise that's your ass if you crossing me
Grab me by the nuts,, now your ass getting pedigreed
A real n*gga plus the mic, that's the recipe
They say the only real n*gga is a convict
I refuse to fight a b*tch, n*gga I ain't Vick
Say my name, you f*ck with quick sand
I'm D Dud A.K.A the diss man
I'm a pioneer, I'm Davy Crockett
Diss on me then you screwed up, you out the socket
No homo, but I'm like a Brillo pad up yo ass
First it's the warning then it's shots, then i'm throwing nukes
I'm really Dennis the Menace, when I'm in the f*cking booth
f*ck appeal, f*ck a deal, I keep it real
On the mic y'all go for blood I aim to kill
I tried to lay low, but n*ggas won't let me chill
Now Black Nova back and he livid
Cause y'all swear to god he ain't live it

[Verse 3]
It don't matter what you are, but what you do
Not what you do, but what you've been
Not what you've been, but who you know
Aww sh*t f*ck, I'm still a n*gga tho
Looking at the sky like please don't make me do it
That was wishful thinking cause now I gotta do it
I got that sh*t that'll make you run it back 10 times
I don't wanna sound cloud something that's in archives
I ain't from the hood, but I still got hard times
A true General, in war times
They say that we got free speech
Let Obama drop this I bet his ass get impeeched
Just because you wanna smoke a lil indo
They tell yo ass to go straight to jail and don't pass go
f*ck Washington
I ain't merging in
I'm with Debois and the Talented Ten
I got the heart of a lion, now wizard of oz
We quick to blame to blame the white man
We all enslaved to bright skin, dark skin
And it's our own fault

Aww sh*t n*gga you f*cked up
I swear to god you f*cked up

[Verse 4]
This ain't a game, n*gga no CandyLand
Chill the f*ck out, genocide is just a name
You count on Dudley like the rent due
If You ain't a Dark Pirate, then f*ck you!
I bet you n*ggas gon' learn today, Triple K
I ain't the one to be f*cked with, I'm Al Capone
Feed me rappers, feed me beats, I want the throne
I'm outsanding n*gga, without the activator
If you rapping I'ma diss you either now or later
A Pirate stay masked up, like Darth Vader
You better know what you doing, cause I'm All-Madden
You still a pus*y n*gga even with a rhyme pattern
You think that I'ma die down cause I'm a loose cannon
Right now I'm still kicking, n*gga what's hannin'
Listen up when a real n*gga tell a story
4 minutes strong, n*gga You in purgatory
So misunderstood, I'm speaking in that old latin
I'm trucking lil' n*ggas like Darren Mcfadden
To my real n*ggas, I got you, I'm uncle P
f*ck a flag n*gga, Salute me

That was just something I like to call a warning shot
It, it, it ain't got a name yet tho
You know what? I might just call it Shut It Down n*gga
Oh sh*t

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