Poster Boy

Unlike Pluto

[Verse 1]
I had it in my mind
And a moment left in a distant time with you (you)
A moment left in time

Why should I stop
Even though I was left out, yeah
It's gonna circle back around
Everything I out run
I out run

I ain't ever gonna ever be your poster boy, ooh-ooh
There's been a lot of empty promises, I'm paranoid, paranoid
If I don't meet your standards let it go
You cannot manufacture my soul, mmh
I'll never be your poster boy, poster boy
Poster boy, boy, boy

[Verse 2]
You won't find me on the lineup
You won't see my name light up, yeah
'Cause I'm living with no regret
Clouds of sound raining down on me
You don't like what I do
And I don't like what you do
Try to convince me to, yeah, pump the breaks, pump the breaks

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