Okage And His One Thousand Voices lyrics


Yuh, yuh
Thousand hits like yuh
Okage, type sh*t, okage, okage the shadow king

I hurt her pu**y, need nurses
I’ll sell my soul
Ain’t no narcissist
Pick up my Glock
And we hit the lick
I ain’t no pu**y
I’ll slap a b*t*h
I f**k her pu**y
My heart is in (huh?)

Grabbing my Glock
Put the beam to your chin
Start a fight i might win
f**k it ima do a sin
Take his soul
Here’s my goddamn hint

f**k your b*t*h, ima dip (ghost)
I’m too sick, like my flows
Here is my goddamn go-to
I got that gold, man f**k you

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