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"Freeze [Chopped N Skrewed]"

Haha, I get it down on the dance floor
Watch this, hey
You don't even know girl
Come here
You know what I do (do)
If you can do it too (too)
Then that's just something that makes me more attracted to you
And I, and I
Wanna see you break it down
For me (ha)
Yes, we in this private (party)
Girl I like your body (body)
But can you tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, pop, lock and drop it
Cause I, and I wanna see you break it down
For me
Watch this

Girl I've been waiting all night to see you dance like me
And you gonna sweat your outfit out, trying to dance like me
(Now let me see), Ah ah ah, now freeze, like me, oh
Girl I want a battle
Meet me downstairs
Bring your dancing shoes and something to tie you hair
Cause I, cause I'm about to break it down, on you
I see you with you friends
You don't wanna get embarrassed
I know you see my bling, bling
Check out the carrots
Cause I, I'm bout to break it down on you

Girl lets get it popping (cracking)
Tell me how you feel (feel)
Lets get up on this floor and do this thing for real (whoa)
Cause we (we), you and me (me), can really break it down, together
Watch me slide on ya (on ya)
Watch me ride on ya (on ya)
You ain't gotta say it
You think I'm fly, don't ya
Cause we (we), you and me(me), can really break it down oh oh oh

Yeah Lamborghini breezy
Or graffiti breezy
It's easy
I just want you to relax
And now my ladies pop, popping
Drop dropping
One, two, three, four, freeze, ha ha ha ha


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