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[Intro: DJ Khaled and T-Pain]
Yea... we global
This is the pree ringz
This is the introduction before the thr33 ringz
Everybody talking bout T-Pain
For all you karaoke motherf*ckers we got something for you
Aww sh*t (All you motherf*cker, you ready?!)
I got my motherf*cking hands on my hips n*gga
I got a motherf*cking black cape holding behind my ass
What it is... ay (Thr33 Ringz!)

I'm superman
n*gga understand I'm superman

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
Look up in the sky it's a n*gga selling birds on a plane
He ain't never heard of pain
I'm the new superhero of the brand new age
Brand new rims, brand new Chevrolet
And a b*tch yellow, red, blue
So n*gga I ain't ever-scared-of you
Somebody better tell these n*ggas how I do
And if it ever come to it, I'm a run straight through it
I'm a ready n*gga if you really need help
Everybody in the street saying he feeling himself
But I'm saving they world
And I can only save one person at a time
So I'm saving they girl
And I'm a make her fly, baby wave hi
All up in the truck, now Baby wave bye
Or we can go and get some of your friends in the band
I can do that sh*t cause I'm superman (superman)

I'm superman (superman)
I'm superman (superman)
I'm superman (superman)

Now sing this song for me

Go go go go go
I'm superman [x5]

[Verse 2: T-Pain]
Luis Vuitton kicks, X-ray vision
You want me on dates
You want me on play
You want me in the Chevrolet
You want me in the bed today and tonight
He ain't gotta be scared to say whatcha like
And I'm a make it happen I ain't that right
Now that's what I'm talking bout
I gotta change to Teddy Pain I'm walkin out
Oh my bad was I talking out loud
Did I change to Teddy Penderouzdown?
Damn, wrong outfit, gotta hit a phone booth
Gonna get my sh*t right, sit tight
But shawty wasn't listenin'
Walked up to a n*gga on some villan sh*t
But I'm way to fly so I can't be beat
So I gave her the super meat cause I'm superman


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