"I'm in Luv Wit A Stripper 3 : Tha Ultra Remix"

Young Money
Weezy right?

I'm in luv wit a stripper, stripper
She really dance how i'm sayin, i'm sayin
I'm in luv wit a stripper x2

[Verse 1 : Gucci Mane]
Gucci gon droptopwop
Call on her, she wanna drop it like it's hot
No way, shorty dancin' like a stripper
She ain't a stripper (wut, wut, what?!)
Call me right babe, kiss my phone
Tell her drop the zone, ahh

[Verse 2 : Young Thug]
Thugger! b*t*hes gon drop the bra when they see me (skrt-skrt)
Tell em everybody
I said shawty won't stop it
Drop it low
Shake that
Pose that, that a$$ bigger than a gorilla

[Verse 3 : Offset]

I, grab her legs and
Tell em i gotta be back in a minute, aight
Somebody save that
I gotta get back in a minute, aight
Spark a chicken
Put your d**k back in your pants
If you don't wanna be X
Tell her kiss you, then ask her how it taste

[Verse 4 : Uncle Murda]

Young n***a I got the antidope
Coke and baking soda minerals
I got a brick in the figure 4
My dope make shawty very bad
You say you got money but pu**y n***a you dont have a witness
I'm a rich n***a I mean it
Cause I've never seen it
Keep talkin' bullets go through yo' beanie
Young n***a plugged in like adapters
I'm in a Phantom Ghost call that sh*t Casper
Stomp yo' ass out like an Alpha
Don't hurt shawty, get kicked out the club like Bankroll Fresh
Restart my line, antidope shawty (don't stop!)

[Verse 5 - Lil Wayne]
b*t*hes love me so they strip that down (strip that down)
I'm rich with my money, aight
So shawty wanna l-l-l-lick me
No lollipop's found, this is not 2008
Give her enough money, cause i don't f**k around
No Master P but I'm bout it, bout it
Better slow your roll jabroni
Tell your b*t*h we the young rich homies
Run up on the block they shoot some
Walking around with that that tommy gun
When they pop it , they'll chew it like some bubble gum
My bubble gum, explodes, i gotta do my stuff, how sweet, yah, ooh i can't belive it!

[Verse 6 - Chance The Rapper]

Hell nah we don’t f**k wit small tity b*t*h
And you can tell yo b*t*h we some young rich homies (yo b*t*h!!)
Guisepppe stepper, Christian Lubuiton’s, and Maison Margiela
Just left my jeweler, so much ice on my neck got pneumonia
(The stove hot the block hot middle of the summer wearing leather!)
Tell my friends, i got dens, Chance gonna hit it hard like how i can
(chance's weird background sounds)
She never forget to ride like a bicycle
She like planes, trains, chains with icicles
It goes her, blank, blank, and rock & roll
She say "I know, honey bunny
Cause i gotta get my money

[Verse 7 - Post Malone]

Posty's lated for the club
Come drop that down shawty
Don't stop
Go harder
You so damn fine though
Ain't tellin you that
Cause i gotta go

[Verse 8 - Jadakiss]

I'm the realest n***a in the earth
I get shawty strip
More harder then my rules
f**k you n***a
My hood is atlanta
To the banta
Santa don't like me
Gurls come around
I don't f**k around (Quavo!)

[Verse 9 - Quavo]
Yo, yo
I get it shawty don't be bad
Turn your back
Ye to Ye
Deduce and a Juice
Shawty Juicy
Gimme the J
I gotta get it
I'm feelin' like Huncho Hodini
(cause i am Huncho Hodini)
The plug he be here any second now
The pack was just here did you see it
I bring the strip club down, wooh!

[Verse 10 - Lil Slim C]

C Slim gotta hit the beam
Get it shawty i gotta go
Cause my homies got to much strips already
I don't wanna go
Bye shawty
My flex so crazy (crazy!)
I'm fellin like plastic
Cause i'm not the best
But i'm from the east

[Verse 11 - MJG]

Took it off
Now i'm back in the game
Shawty bad as hell, but i don't wanna go back in there
To much hoes in the strip club
Looks like there's no end
Call my n***as to get lapdances from hot strippers

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