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"Bad Side"

[Intro: T-Pain]
Uh, uh, yeah!
Woo! Whoa
Like this, SHAWTY!
Yeahhhh, yeahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh
Uh, uh

Shawty I'm the sex police, you have been arrested
It's a warrant for ya, how do you contest it?
You must've been hidin, tryin to lay low-key
E'rybody know you cain't f*ck with the police
Now I'm just playin wit'cha, what's your name girl?
I'm feelin so good, you should feel the same girl
So partake in this Louie, you know it's ooey-gooey
Now let's jump out of this club, go home and make a movie
Shawty you can do me, and I can do you
So ain't no use in actin, Ms. Goodie Two-Shoes
I'm a freak girl, and I think you might be one
Cause momma told me watch out for the quiet ones

[Hook: T-Pain]
Show me yo' bad side
Bend over and show me that backside
Let's go see how the back of this 'llac ride
Show me yo' bad side
I'm fin' to take you on another level
Ain't nann n*gga ever take you that high
Show me yo' bad side
You say you want a real man with real money
Well baby girl I know that's right
Show me yo' bad side
I'mma put you on the silver and gold
So you can sit back and relax now
Show me yo' backside

Now we ride in Escalade, back to the telly
Cuttin everythang off, includin the celly
I made it rain and thunder, so you chose me
I'm tryin to see what's under, all of that Dolce
And Gabbana, I really really wanna, see
How far you go cause I just noticed that tongue, ring
And I can go for over four hours, I know you don't believe
But I'm Totem Pole Jenkins, Teddy to the P
Girl, I see you lookin at me, go 'head and close yo' eyes
Let me get up in it, now don't look so surprised
I'm tryin to get up in that deeper but she's screamin like
Ahhhh, ah-ahhhh; shawty

[Hook] - echoes at the end

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