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"Motivated - Remix (K12 Submission)"

[Intro] – T-Pain

[Verse 1 - T-Pain]
Throw me in a cage with a lion and a bear (Ima kill em)
That motivation I ain't lyin I swear (Im the n*gga)
I got my ear to the streets
Back to the bullsh*t
Im tryna eat
Im on my full sh*t
Homie I can't listen to what you saying stop talkin
Betta watch the way you talk to my clan homie start walkin
Wait a minute when a n*gga really get it Ima go off
I’m gotta prove it to him
I think Im Big Meech
Larry Hoover

[Hook - T-Pain]
Ima tryna eat
You tryna sleep
If you a dog
Then Ima beast
And the beat goes
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
I know you hate it
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
Here go my motivation bruh
Im with my dogs
f*ck us, no n*gga f*ck ya’ll and the beat goes
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
If you know they hate it
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
Let me get you motivated

[Verse 2 - K21]
It’s K21 I promise, I’ll go the hardest
I’ve been motivated and trained, you can call me Thomas
Get It? Where’s the confetti, the fireworks and the pyro
So I came here for nothing, all the way from Cairo
13 years old and already the one to beat
Sittin’ in my suite, twitter watch me tweet n*gga
Complete winner, discrete hitter
You’re an offbeat quitter
These beats are my babies, I’mma baby sitter
Came on this beat and f*cked it, I’m motivated
Sorry, I guess I masturbated
No sex before marriage
Muslim….so I’m patient
This is why I’ve waited
Is that why u hated?
I’m underrated, degraded
But T-Pain is here to solve that
When u hear this call back
I’ll prEVOLVE, then rEVOLVE
Now give me a piece of
Young Fyre’s beats
Cuz he hot
I like this beat, beat box
Now I got to go

*T-Pain adlibs outro*

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