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[Verse 1]
Long nails, pack of weave
Dutches and a bag of weed
That's all a b*t*h like you need
You from the f**king ghetto
That Reggie Miller that you push
Don't be burning like that Cush
You gone need that Reggie bush
f**king with the ghetto
Moscato filling up my cup
Run outs we don't give a f**k
New folk get me so f**ked up
Coming from the ghetto
So watch it when you in tha south
And watch what you say out your mouth
And watch yo step cuz slippers count
When you in the ghetto
Wife beater, n***a Tim's
Slide in with some bigger rims
Flip a key and hit the flee
And go an get some bigger gyms
Tha hood is in the building man
I'll get you in your feelings man
It's some sh*t outside your house
With rims tha size of ceiling fans
I'm the pride of King Kong
I'm stomping through the Congo
I can make it clap clap, beat it like a bongo
Cat got your tongue
You tell that pu**y let you tongue go
Wouldn't of did this sh*t right here
So gutter but the song so
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