Cool MF (Reference) lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Pump & T-Pain]
I just dropped like twenty on some Louis (On some Louis)
Spent about three hundred on my jewelry (Ooh, yeah)
So much water on me, I might need a pool
Pisces, throw it back like a goddamn cooch, yeah
The Ferrari coupe, yeah, it's matte black (Ferrari)
b*t*h, give some head like a top hat, woah (Top hat)
Flooded out the AP, where the time at? (Where the time at?)
Match ya whole fit, 'cause I got the dime bag (Dime bag)
Racks, racks, racks, racks, racks, yeah (Racks)
So much money, I'm still eatin' off a last year (Brrat, ooh)
When the Rollie comin'? 'Cause my pinky froze (Pinky froze)
Love my mixed b*t*h like I love my two-tone (Brr)
Sippin' on the cup 'til it's none left (Ooh)
Bench press the money, that's a hundred wraps (Yeah)
Feelin' like I'm Diddy, hoppin' off the jet (Yum)
I can't hear these broke n***as, better say less, psssh (Uh-uh)

[Verse 2: T-Pain]
I'm in this b*t*h with a hundred girls (Uh-uh)
Whip lookin' like it's from another world (Ooh)
Now they big mad (Big mad)
Man, you broke-broke and your b*t*h sad
What you gon' do 'bout it?
Change too heavy, it's a workout (Work-work)
Got some brain in the Chevy, threw her purse out (Skrrt, skrrt)
Tell that b*t*h to lose my number (Hey)
Ice everywhere, I'm a cool motherf**ker, esskeetit (Hey-hey-hey)
I'm the sh*t right now (Now)
I don't give a f**k who she with right now, I'ma hit it (Hey-hey)
She wanna come and swim in the money
She know I ain't givin' the money
She ain't tryna sit back down (Down)
Eighteen shots, got 'em lit right now (That's a litty)
She tryna get that water, she thirsty
d**k her out, kick her out, do a turn (b*t*h)

[Verse 3: Lil Pump]
Around my neck, Gucci link (Ooh)
My cup muddy, it's pink (It's pink, yeah)
Woah, got a hundred on my wrist (Woah)
And I'm still f**kin' on your b*t*h (On your b*t*h, woo)
Watch goin' 'round on TikTok (TikTok)
I just want the head, I need no lip lock (Need no lip lock)
She dancin' on the money, doin' hopscotch (Brr)
With the mouth full of pills like some pop rocks (Like some pop rocks)
Damn, I ain't been broke in a minute (Woo)
Married to the money, need a tux, need no fitted (Yeah)
I should be the new blue hundred, yeah, print it (Ooh)
Jumped in the pu**y, did it back, started swimmin'
Still, I can't never love a thot (Huh?)
I popped a whole bar, what your b*t*h want? (What your b*t*h want?)
All this jewelry got me lookin' like a [?] (Woo)
Spend it all, lil' n***a, keep ignorin' calls
Yeah, Lil Pump (Brr)

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