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Busta Rhymes

"2009 Jordans"

I'm like a 2009 Jordan, known to be sporting
New waves, new uniform on, important
Political prisoner, charisma, got me sniffing money
Regardless, jumping out the V dog with RZA
Hypothetically my joint athletically better be
We safe and in question, n*gga, you said it be
Fully charged, new one-on-one in the garage
Large, n*ggas they chill and b*tches they dodge
What's the deal, little homey, it's only real, got tech and ill
I only carry steel out when I'm lonely
Bloodhounds who play the building, buildin', brick at a time
Trying to turn my little dime into a million

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
It's like back in the days, when n*ggas used to hustle for this skrilla
Formulate a plan, don't even plot, just get a n*gga
But see, we knew a crew of dudes, who hustled a lot, we broke
The opportunities and set up drug deals in the parking lot
Stacking cuz it's necessary, notice how the world go round
See it's imperative, we get richer than rich
You see we hustling across the border (Icewater)
Hurting the town, this money probably got me mistreating your b*tch (Do it big)

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