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Busta Rhymes


[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
When I pop up on the track and I bounce to bring it back
To the middle of the west and now I'm 'bout to lean her back
With a thirst of fiend for crack and a burst so mean in fact
And worse to see 'em wreck a team
And I got the steamin' rap that'll make your queen adapt
That'll make you bring your strap that'll make you clean your cap
Woulda break the scheme in chapter that'll break N9na clap
The angel wing of Tecca Neen
When I hit it you f*ckin' with it, though we gon' be the ticket
To rip off the head of a n*gga with the lyrical
Flip off the dead n*gga living with a quickest and
If y'all bull Arab I would never ever quit it up
I'm p*ssed off you sayin' Tecca N9na couldn't spit it
Choppin' your top off, am I crazy? finish
Stomp 'em off in a coffin, they be greenish
Bustin' ballin' every day we wit' it
n*gga the N9na's ahead again
Never been a competitor but see I better take it
The people the energy even when they be finicky when they be gimmicky we get to poppin' in reddit
Don't be mocking me bititch I can be livid
Rocky stompin' your monopoly, quit it
Walking by to get the guap and be sittin' upon the tippy top and say momma we did it
I am the reala killa, a gorilla n*gga
Finna fill a mental, gonna peel a skrilla
Put a mob on the murderer never the talk to loving about a peelin' the spilla
What I'ma do with this foolishness dude is rulin' this in every vicinity
f*ck the industry for tryin' to limit me ain't nobody comin' in my phone to get the energy

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]
We did it
We, we did it
Whole team stunting

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