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Busta Rhymes

"The Rap I Promised #WorthItVMA"

Hey yo Breezy
Let me show you how to keep the dice rolling when you doing that thang over there homie

Lets Go!
Cause I'm feeling like I'm running, and I'm feeling like I got to get away, get away, get away
Better know that I don't and I won't stop cause you know I gotta win everyday
Day go!
See they really wanna pop me
Know that you will never flop me
And I know that I can be a little c*cky
You ain't never gonna stop me
Every time I come up pick it I gotta go set it, Then I gotta go
And then I gotta get it, And then I gotta blow them
Then I gotta show that any little thing that they think they be doing cause it does't matter, Cause I'm gonna Da Da
Then I'm gonna murder everything and anything
A Badaboom A Badathing
I gotta do it, I gotta go make it clear to a couple kids
That I'm always winning and I gotta get it again
And again and again
And I be doing this to death, And now I move a little foul
Think I better call a ref, Everybody know my style
And they know I'm the best
When it comes to doing this
And I be banging on my chest
And I'm banging and I'm banging in the West
And I come to give you more, I will never give you less
You can hear it in the street or you can read it in the press
Do you really wanna know whats next
Lets Go!
See the way we on then we all up
In the race and you know we gotta go'
Don't to keep up with the pace
And we struggling and hustling and sending it and getting it
And we always gotta do it, Take it to another place, Gonna taste it
And I gotta grab it
And I gotta cut all through this traffic
Just to be at the top of the throne
You know I gotta have it

I'm done with that
Done with that

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