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Busta Rhymes

"Some More Freestyle"

Young King sh*t
Never go against the family
Still sippin f*ck a Grammy
Mistreated like ANNIE
Talking you out your panties
Wonder why they can’t stand me
Brrrrrrrrrth duhh lie Mannie
RIP lil xannie
Akin hard like Danny
Footprints still sandy
Ohhhh yeahhhh like Randy
Handy notebook dandy
Got the ammo leave you stranded
Bloody my brand is jump man
Nike bandit

A n*gga never really been as broke as me
Unless you stood on the side awoke with me
Come up on the lick you could toke with me
Remember how we used to get the most for free
Tryna make it how it’s supposed be
Paid to be a boss, and I noticed things
I’m a dead beat friend I’ll admit it the most
I’ve loved and abused yeah I did it the most
Everything that I did I yea did it to float
Started smoking real heavy yeah I did it to cope
Told me kill myself but didn’t give me the rope
Ima give you blood baths ????
And my skeet is the soap
I’ll shove it down her throat
If she give me the bump
Call a n*gga agent orange ????
45 like I’m trump
Told that hoe she was trash
Like she found by the dump
Have a n*gga looking hurt
Tryna play me like chump
I’m the fire sh*t inside if I gotta be blunt
Ima done em one on one
Teaching 3 how to stunt
Even if he ain’t mine
Ima make em a monster
How tf yo diamonds shine
But yo music is dumpster
Ima add a lil juice
For them lemons
I’m thunder
Reassuring yea but still I wonder
If she would let me ponder
Under there beyond her
She can leave em on
Treat the pus*y like slide doors
I’m out the hood but we don’t have screens
Inside yours
Tongue game strong sing a song
You higher
She’s loving it I keep a red lighter zompire
Rolling with the clan, for that cream
Inside you
Stallion on flex J.R. I rider
All brown paint like Apple cider
With the wheat buns interior spider ????
Low to the ground you don’t know who I is
Looking at you and I see what pie is
If we don’t know the truth then we are all liars
I still wanna be all I inspire
To be what I need just to keep inspiring
He or a she who can be inspiring
To a G like me get flyer
Steez I need to eat
But my plate on fire
Scratching on a disc
I don’t dish I’m Dior
All for a swish like a sweet get higher
Oh I’m a Mark like 8
I’m liver
Apologies out to my teacher
Ms Speiser
You know I recognized you at the port
You shocked me
But I was cold as ice
Why they played me like Hockey ????
I was just surprised that you ain’t sock me
Like the year I think got some black coal in my stocking
Sending b*tches at me with the pressure to stop me
Cause can’t nobody hold me when my ego is c*ckey
Make em do push-ups
So he’ll be stockey
Baby I ain’t doo doo
I’m like water I’m Docky
Time for my trials
Getting better I’m clocking
Beats per the minute
Just to see what’s unlocking
I swallowed the key whole
To the key whole of darkness
They told me Mijo ima monster like lockness
Now I’m like me hoe I got diamond
Milli seconds
Yeah I’m still wrecking
On that krash report
Im extra
If I could go back
It wouldn’t matter
Cause better
pus*y still wetter
Soft like my leather
Oh you n*ggas dead
I’m still fresher cause I’m deader
This unorthodox I ain’t even have a header
You can find me near the footer
That’s a boor next to a hooker
I’m feeling on her heels cause her curves
Drove me shooker
I took out the trash
Why you acting like you took her
I know she want my cash
But only if I book her

Sincerely Captain Hook or
Peter my pans will cook her
See yuh Madea Look here
Princess pia like Mia

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