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Busta Rhymes

"Gimme Some More"


I sold my soul and got my mojo back

Turn off slow mo no more holdin back

Ain’t no time to waste these goals are goin fast

Goin for the gold you bet I’ll gloat bout that

I gave myself a purpose push these words pursue the cure

Stoped askin if it’s worth it kept on workin searched for more

Ain’t nothin bout this certain nothing’s perfect this is war

Battle with myself cause no one else is worth it more

I ain’t need to make no bargain but I’ll barter with a ghost

Been feelin awfully heartless hardly harvest what I’ve sown

See I grew up growin callouses and crackin all my bones

So nothing gonna phase me while I’m workin towards the throne

Slow your roll you won’t go that fast

Hold the phone you hoes don’t know jack

Blow the load and then roll that bag

Won’t hold your own so don’t hold me back

This the zone where I’m known in fact

This the dome that don’t donate tracks

All alone or with the whole crew that’s

The only ways to get the whole crew stacked

This some game they gonna notice that

Spit some game they wanna hold my sac

Hop in the range and get to rollin fat

Miscellaneous hoes in back

Gettin heinous with a flow like that

Gettin dangerous ain’t low impact

Hit the bass ain’t no floor intact

Switch the lane the whole place collapse

I’m bound to beat ya

Broken ass bones and astounding features

Glass full of gin and a pound of reefer

Last of my kin to announce he’s evil

This for the kids who be sinnin some mo

Never takin Ls yeah we winnin em all

Running for the top yellin gimme the gold

Then we acting like busta gimme some mo

[Outro + Busta Rhymes]

Y’all b*tches had enough

Gimme some more

Y’all b*tches want the wild sh*t

Gimme some more

Yo kid where the weed at

Gimme some more

I know you b*tches need that

Gimme some more

Even though we gettin money

Gimme some more

With the cars and the big crib

Gimme some more

Everybody spread love

Gimme some more

If you want let me hear you say

Gimme some more

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