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Busta Rhymes

"What My n*ggas Want"

Artist: Cam'Ron and Busta Rhymes
Album: Violator - The Album
Song: What My n*ggas Want

You the type to say I rap, I rhyme, look I freestyle
Rap is played out ain't sh*t here for free child
Me and Chris Lighty checks is what we see child
Ice won't get you sea sick b*tch, it get you senile
Diplomat treat you like a beer bottle twist your cap
Hustler sh*t, you never sold a bit of crack
Chain you might get it snatched, down to the latch
Send someone else to get it back yo what type of sh*t is that
Picture that, wrist is rapped 37 blunted
How many diamonds you got on? sh*t 37 hundred
I'm stunting p*ssy popping by the bottle
Got nothing under the trench and I'm not from Colorado
Your acting a little, why yall rapping in riddles?
Got Harlem looking like we a pack of skittles
I'm a Tyko fanatic, psychosomatic
Type blow the 'matic, life go dramatic
Hydro's a habit b*tch

[Busta Rhymes](chorus)
All my n*ggas who's ready to ride n*ggas, what what
All my soldiers and my living foul n*ggas, what what
Money n*ggas, what what, thug n*ggas, what what
Grimy n*ggas, whatwhat
Big gun n*ggas, what what
All my b*tches that's ready to wild with me, what what
And f*ck a hole away in the ground with me, what what
Money b*tches, what what, thug b*tches, what what
Corporate b*tches, what what
All the above b*tches

Imagine a ho kissing me, a ho dissing me
No I can't have that, not from rottisearre
Roglissere, Gators so slippery
Best affiliated with the movie misery
I make you kids learn, when your car gone
Crib burned, Jim Jones sh*t permed like big Worm
And you speak that gang gang slang
Gun like pop from BoomerangBang Bang Bang
That girl looking, you packing a whore
Slapping a whore, foot sweppers slacking the door
Laughing for sure, yeah that sh*t happend before
b*tch flurting with me, her man tapping the jaw
What I'm drunk about, what I smoke skunk about
Hope you make it to that year Prince sung about
All these years dripping and ducking
Stay with birds the ones I was flipping and f*cking
Ya heard

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