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Busta Rhymes

"Facts (Remix)"

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Ayo, Specialist, it's the 70 million dollar boy (Boy)
(Facts, facts, facts) (DJ Khaled)
On the way to be a billionaire (Billionaire)
Life is good, God is great (Great, great)
On everything I love (I love, I love) (Facts, facts)
Everything about me, facts

[Verse 1: International Special]
In the club my whole team on 'em (Facts)
Outside I got the beam on 'em (Yeah)
Mask on, I'm goin' Scream on 'em (Don't run)
No Codeine but I'ma lean on 'em (Come here)
Take his jewels and all the green on 'em (All facts)
Empty this whole magazine on 'em (Yeah)
Put holes in that Supreme on 'em (Buck, buck) (Facts)
Body shots ruptured the spleen on 'em (Lay him down)
I ain't playin', n*gga, so stop grinnin' (Quit laughin')
Three-eighty tucked, it's well hidden (Facts)
I swear I'll have that ass trendin' (Facts)
Got violent cases that's still pendin' (Facts)
And police beef that's never endin' (Facts)
Been a shooter from the very beginnin' (Facts)
Old drug money I'm still spendin' (Facts)
Thirty years in and still winnin' (Facts)

[Interlude: DJ Khaled]
More money, more solutions (Facts, facts, facts)
Every year our year
I'm the best that ever did it (Facts, facts)
They hate when you winnin'
Real recognize real (Facts)
More wins, more blessings (Facts)
Busta Rhyme new album is near (Facts, facts)

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
I make your sh*t stop workin' like I cut the f*ckin' cable off (Facts)
The whole artist roster on your label soft (Facts)
And yes, I'm with the sh*t, I'm askin' for it
Beat you n*ggas with bars until they leak tomato sauce (Facts)
It's necessary in this motherf*cka (Facts)
Respect the most legendary motherf*cka (Facts)
Now let us get it straight while my time is great
Let me remind you, you's a temporary motherf*cka (Facts)
b*tch, I take it above and beyond (Facts)
f*ck what they talkin', how they correspond
I dare a n*gga talk sh*t, even a little bit
And I double dare a n*gga tell me not respond (Facts)
And if it go beyond rap, n*gga
We switch to a whole 'nother code of ethics, n*gga
Another whole perspective, n*gga
Get it? Get it?
Get it? Get it? (Facts)
Get it? Get it?
Get it? Get it? (Facts)

[Interlude: DJ Khaled]
It's father of Asahd (Facts, facts, facts)
Three estates in two states (Two states, two states)
Respected worldwide (Facts)
Love overcomes hate (Overcomes hate, overcomes hate) (Facts)
Every day I'm hustlin' (Facts)
Joe Crack got my back (Facts) (Got my back, got my back)
Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up
(All the way up, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up)

[Verse 3: Fat Joe]
A n*gga strapped every day (Facts)
He even gettin' paid to catch a case (Facts)
Fat titties, small waste, huh
A n*gga wanna ball, move that base, bruh (Facts)
Went to the feds and became richer (Facts)
Got 20 in the game, still the same n*gga
TS engraved in the Range, n*gga
Don't do lames, don't entertain n*ggas (Facts)
Twenty eighteen with the Cullinan (Facts)
Sort them n*ggas that you be runnin' with (Facts)
You callin' 'em Gods and I be sonnin' 'em (Facts)
Never subbin' them, always dubbin' them
Who'da thought the last of Rubie's children
Send planes to Puerto Rico worth millions? (Facts)
Got me shoulder shruggin' like MJ
You need a real n*gga? I'm a template (Crack)

[Outro: DJ Khaled]
Specialist (Specialist, Specialist)
Busta Rhymes
Joey Crack (Joey Crack, Joey Crack)
DJ Khaled (Khaled, Khaled)
Pardon ya head
Facts, facts
Pardon ya bombaclaat (Bombaclaat, bombaclaat)

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