Busta Rhymes

"Take It Off"

[Verse 1]
Take off your shoes
Make you dance in your socks
For blocks
n***a be dippin' a million Watts hot!
Better pause and take a look
There's a whole lot of whores
Run up in a storm
b*t*h a try to take you for yours, for sure
Word up, yo!
Etch-a-sketch it, ya can't catch it
So play it on a record and take it off 'til you ass naked
Word to mother
Shorty stacked like a horse
Pushin' a force
Lookin' to floss
Diana Ross
Flow better
One of the biggest seller
Tell me whatever
Whether a n***a stack mozzarella
(Hey, hey, you) I'mma get ya
I ain't comin' with ya
Hit ya
With another scripture that will really split ya
Based on the fact you wack
And we don't need none of that
Keepin it movin'
Now tell me, where my n***a's is at?
Yo, from here to Brook, n***as is shook, look
I'll make you sing the hook
Shake your ass
Wiggle your foot
I'll make you
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