Car Seat Headrest

"Beach Life-in-Death (Live at Crossroads, KC, Kansas City, MO)"

Part I
Last night I drove to Harper's Ferry and I thought about you
There were signs on the road that warned me of stop signs
The speed limit kept decreasing by ten
As we entered a town about halfway there
It was almost raining at the train station
We put our hoods on our heads at the train station
We threw rocks into the river
The river underneath the train tracks

And when the train came it was so big and powerful
When it came into the little station
I wanted to put my arms around it
But the conductor looked at me funny
So we had to say goodbye and leave
The Monopoly board still in the backseat
Took that nightmare left turn to get out of town
Ran into the decreasing speed limits again

What should I do? (Eat breakfast!)
What should I do? (Eat lunch!)
What should I do? (Eat dinner!)
What should I do? (Go to bed!)
Where can I go? (Go to the store!)
Where can I go? (Apply for jobs!)
Where can I go? (Go to a friend's!)
Where can I go? (Go to bed!)
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