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"Killa Swag"

[Intro: Money Ev$]
M. A. on the beat
Killa Swag freestyle
Yeah, Money Ev$, Couch Potato Millz
Uh huh, yeah, Kill 'em

[Verse 1: Couch Potato]
Couch Potato Millz, homie I'm a young star
Underage, but the skill's above par
Looking for a push over homie, well too bad
Millz ain't the one to pick on, sort of like a bloody scab
And I plan to have twice your pay
Twice the man but I only am half your age
With a mind like mine, I won't fail
Texting b*tches while I'm high as hell
Call it rocket mail
Ev$ hop on board, now let me blast off
Cash Makin' Crew, the money is the mascot
Watch your back ya'll cause I'm cutting rappers like a hacksaw
You sound like me, two years 'fore last fall
This your last call, ain't no Carson Daily
I got money stacks, and I count 'em daily
Going in, switching up the flow
Yo we countin' dirty money, ain't no need for no soap
Ain't got to wait for her birthday to get me some throat
You want that cake? Get on your knees, you see that candle now blow
See I'm putting all this work in, getting something out of it
Smooth like a jetski, dump like a battleship
I know a large amount of you rappers counterfeit
And ya astounded by the sounds ya' surrounded with
Sounds I pound now get around town
Like a girl who went down with all the dudes you lounging with
Catch me everyday, trying to arouse a chick
Quick to pick her up and I be on some bounty sh*t
Run that money, run that sh*t just like a miler
I'm hot fire, the competition is milder
The flow is dope, you might as well go and od
CMC I'm all about my green like Yoshi

[Verse 2: Money Ev$]
I'm back on it like I haven't ever been
Spitting bars through the track, with a snack cinnamon
Buns stick to a b*tch, riding di*k
Mouth is, she ain't celibate
Got the game wet and shook, for the f*cking hell of it
CMC the regiment, E-V-S the president
Got the ground shaking like I'm messing with the sediment
Jaws move, chins drop while I'm f*cking entering
Got this rap thing like flame, yea, sizzlin'
Got stain, stack that, continue the husltin'
With game, Pac-man, call me Money Cash Man
Haters bummed out while I'm out getting carrots
Money is a habit, you can call me silly rabbit
With your tricks to the side like a motherf*cking parrot
Ev$ flow is on Mortal Kombat status
Kicking suckers with a killer swag fatality
For I am E-V-S, excuse me for my profanity
When proving my point in an ignorant society
Filled with villains and fiends with no hope left entirely
I have my own entirety, my open definition
Embedded in me when I'm spitting sicker venom to a victim
Doomed, dead and gone for ever, ever doubting me
Upgraded to a failure to a standard NJCU student
At a complexity level that is slightly suttle
Cooking off the top like metal
Lyrics hot like the devil
If you dig it, get a shovel
You don't feel me, you in trouble
Cause my mind is like a shuttle
Take off, your in rumbles
Getting stacks, call that bummers
You work hard, I work double
You outside, I'm in a huddle
Watch game, I don't mumble
Thats your girl? I'mma cuddle
Talk smack, make you stumble
Snatch gat, make you humble
Pull back, watch you tumble

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